GET TO WORK and submit it to The Creative Storm. Wether its your coursework or personal projects as long as your proud it gets published 

This is what i have been like today. After coming home from work i started ringing up all the people involved to get the magazine printed and in the shops! I am thinking about having an online shop for people to buy it directly as well as it on the shops. It is all very exciting!

University Saga

So today was the start of the roll of University Interviews. My first interview was at Lincoln to study Interactive Design. It went really well i am hopelessly in love with the course. I cant wait to hear back from them and go along to the exhibition in February. It really is like someone looked at my life stye annd based a degree around it.

The next interviews will be at University Creative Arts and London College of Communication. These are the more difficult ones because so many people want to go there i have to really up my game. 

Over New Years Eve i was in so many places. Went from Birmingham to Bournemouth to New Castle. After the last set here is a very tired and drained Emcee Storm and DJ Hixxy and DJ Klubbfiller 

Hope everybody enjoys the new EXCLUSIVE interview with the very talented IBN Gold. 

DAY 5&6 
So in the space of 32 hours I’ve traveled 872 miles, drank 12 energy drinks and seen just over 3,000 people. Can definitely say the transition between 2012 to 2013 was magical. I hope everybody feels the same was as I do about my New Years Eve and New Years Day

DAY 4 

Its new years eve, a time to celebrate but be safe! When ever there is fire works we know its time to celebrate. So celebrate your life every day and have fireworks in your heart! Hope you all have a great 2013, i mean we all survived 21/12/2012 so we can rock 2013. RIP to everyone who didn’t make 2013 and the soldiers on the front line. Massive respect, bless up.

I hope everyone has an excellent New Years Eve. Enjoy the night and set great goals and intentions for 2013! BUT make sure non of you forget this guy, we’ve all seen the advert!!

Issue 1 is going fantastic. Made some great connections and the work submitted was lovely! Looking forward to issue 2 and presenting more fab work! Really is brilliant to have all the support. Happy New Year’s Eve!